Promotional Band Shots

Trip the Light

Light Spin

Eximus Frateres Marios III

This a a tedious piece for the 8BIT art show.  There is no (official) original map for Super Mario Bros. 3…so I made one.  In Latin.  With india ink, coffee, and cigarettes.  The stimulants were used to age the paper.
Super Mario Bros. 3: Overworld Map

Rocked it.

Captain America sketch


Captain America

This was a last minute sketch (digital) to fill the event program for a Marvel showing I had a small piece in.  It was placed with a headline, to look like part of a Daily Bugle article.  I don’t have much to say about Captain America, he’s alright, but I’m more into bats.  And spiders.

And five years later…

I finally made the deadline for entries into the Comic Con Souvenir Book.  Ever since I realized that they featured fan-art themes each year, I have repeatedly rushed headlong into a standstill of procrastination, just until the deadline was safely past. Then, each year at the Con, that book followed me around, reminding me to kick myself in the face a few times a day, for my creative impotence.  Well, not this year.  I Finished.  Now, I wait impatiently for acceptance.

This year’s theme is the 50th anniversary of the Amazing Spider-man, so I made this:

Sometimes, color is overrated.

A few left over V-day flowers, shot in the dark with my modified Canon 35-80 ‘macro’ lens, and a Di866 flash as a slave, no on-camera flash.  I got some decent color shots, but the values in the  b&w shots are much cleaner.  Probably more b&w plants to come…

My least favorite medium to work with…but producing some of my favorite results: The tattoo.

Monochrome tattoo of a young Roland Deschain, famed Gunslinger of King’s epic Dark Tower series.  This design is taken from Marvel’s graphic version of the novels.  Artist, Jae Lee,  illustrates the tale perfectly, lending to some really awesome tattoo images.  This is on my husband’s arm, so there will be more to come…

Tattoo - Roland Deschain of the epic Dark Tower series

The Gunslinger, tattooed.

I forgot something, again.

Despite the fact that I forgot my tripod, I got a few shots that turned out okay. My intent was to wait for the sun to go down and take some frivolous, frothy, other-world long exposures if the waves on the cliffs.  Without my camera’s legs, we are both shaky, stumbling, and worthless…especially on crumbling ledges.  So,  I finally sat down, jacked up the shutter speed, and aimed at the sun.  Once I found my frame, the birds just made it too easy.

Sunset Cliffs Bird

In honor of my first post…

…I will share the first “website” I ever created. This is not the first website I published, but the first one I created, entirely by hand coding.  I have worked with countless WYSIWYG applications over the years, always feeling like more of a designer than a developer.  This tiny, two-page site is the result of my first official assignment in my first official web development course.  Enjoy, potato:

Blue Potato: My first website


Smallest website ever.